Moneymakers of the Octagonal Table

Chocolate Dust

August 9, 2011 13:46 by AbrickAdmin

guide name: chocolate dust

materials: chocolate bar, kinfe

req: none

step 1: start at grand exchange and purchase a knife and 108 chocolate bars. this will supply you 4 inventories full of bars

step 2: withdraw your knife and 27 chocolate bars.

step 3: click your knife then use with a chocolate bar.

step 4: select "make all" option

step 5: wait for the chocolate bars to be cut

step 6: repeat until out of chocolate bars.

step 7: note bars and sell to ge for more than what you bought the dust for.

step 8: collect your moolah!

note: this may take time due to the fact chocolate dust isnt in demand so try making money with one of my other guides while waiting.

Rune Merchanting

August 9, 2011 13:16 by AbrickAdmin

guide name: merchanting (runes)

materials: 500k-1m cash

req: basic merchanting knowledge

step 1: start at the grand exchange and purchase any of the following runes, water, earth, air, death, or nature.

step 2: purchase 10 of any rune for 2-1 less than normal price, 10-5 for death or nature runes.

step 3: if they purchase sell them back for normal price or 1 higher than what you bought them for.

step 4: if they dont sell within 5 minutes go 1 gp lower. note: IF THEY DONT SELL ST THE PRICE YOU BOUGHT THEM FOR !do not! merch them go to a diffrent rune.

step 5: if they do sell quickly buy as many as you can and sell them for the price they would sell for.

step 6: you may need to wait some time for them to sell.